Embrace the Life You Desire & Deserve

A Woman’s Journey to Inner Peace, Self-Love & Joyful Purpose

If you’re a woman who is feeling stuck and uninspired, overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, guilt, anger or resentment, exhausted from caring for everyone but yourself and you’re ready for a change but not sure what that would look like…

This retreat is for you!

Join Catherine Ewing for 2 magical days of releasing, relaxing, re-imagining and reigniting – September 14-16, 2018.

Feel yourself unwinding as you drive deeper into the forest, relaxed by the grounding scent of the trees and lulled by the quiet all around you.

You stop to look up and notice the mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow in the trees, listen to the birds calling out to each other and smile at the sounds of squirrels and chipmunks scampering through the underbrush.

And you unwind even deeper!

Ahh, after you arrive you decide to take your first stroll around through the sweet sculpture trail. You feel the warm sun on your face, notice your breath slowing down and your shoulders starting to drop away from your ears. All the obligations, responsibilities and details of daily life begin to slip away. And this is before the retreat even starts!

Relaxing by Still Waters Pond, surrounded by 24,000 acres of protected forest, you are aware of a difference in the quality of the air here. It feels clear and pristine, almost shining! You delight in the flight of the colorful dragonflies and the majestic blue heron flying overhead. And you relax even more deeply.

You had forgotten that you could feel this relaxed!

So Why Should You Join Us?

What would it be like for you to give yourself full permission to take care of YOU for a change, without feeling guilty or selfish?

It would be incredibly delicious, right? This is what the retreat is all about. Focusing completely on YOU for 2 glorious days, without guilt or shame or feeling selfish! In fact, you’ll be encouraged to do just that, by me and the other women who are there to do the same thing! Permission granted!

Can you just imagine what it would feel like to let go of all the shame, guilt and feelings of “not good enough” that you’ve been carrying around all these years?

Is it hard to imagine? In the beautiful and relaxed setting of our retreat, we’ll tap, do guided meditations and other fun activities, with plenty of down time to integrate it all, to release the pain, guilt and shame. You will feel a million times lighter when you go home at the end of our magical time together.

What would it be like to feel deeply understood and appreciated for all of who you are and everything that you do for others?

It would be amazing to finally REALLY feel acknowledged and appreciated, all the way into your bones! This is what exactly will happen as I take you through powerful processes to heal your heart, connect with your Soul and feel seen, heard, acknowledged and appreciated. You will leave knowing, without a doubt, that you are wonderful, deserving and worthy, just as you are!

Can you feel in your body how amazing it would be to finally know yourself deeply, to trust your intuition and decisions, and to begin to create a life that you truly desire and deserve?

During our time together, I’ll take you through a visioning process including guided meditations, journaling and meeting your future self, we’ll do some tapping and creative activities to really anchor in your new sense of self and deepest desires! You will know yourself and what you want in a way you never have.

Say No More...

The Venue

Arriving at Still Waters Pond Retreat Center you’ll immediately sense the special magic of this newly renovated, artist owned B&B style retreat center. You’ll be enchanted by both the natural beauty and the whimsical artistic touches all around the property and in the rooms!

On this very special property that has been in their family for generations, Tao and Amy have created a homey and inviting space for people to unplug, think, create, do the inner healing work, connect with nature and each other. They call this Radical Hospitality! You’ll feel part of the family right away!

Still Waters is nestled among 100 acres of conservation forest and a private, 12-acre pond, offering artfully appointed, rustic and comfortable lodging. In addition to guest rooms in the newly built main house, Still Waters offers comfy cottages, an Art and Yoga studio with massage room and private hiking trails in 100 acres of forest with art and sculpture and a Sunrise yoga platform.

Perfect for a relaxing and healing get away!

Destroyed by fire in 2014, the main house has been totally rebuilt by Tao and Amy over the last 4 years. They have put their creative thought, time, intention and energy into all the little details that add up to totally unique guest experience. Yes, Radical Hospitality at is finest!

The Food

All your nutritious and delicious meals and snacks will be provided in your retreat package. Still Water’s experienced chef will feed your body and soul with fresh meals prepared daily from locally grown and sourced foods. Made with love and totally nourishing, for your body AND your Soul!

Imagine savoring the yummy flavors of freshly prepared, locally sourced food for 5 days, having your mind, body and spirit filled and fed, without you having to lift a finger! No planning, shopping, prepping, cooking or cleaning up. When was the last time that happened? Pure Heaven!

You just need to show up at the large, family style table to share in the yummy, healthy and delicious food and company of your new friends. There will be plenty of time to schmooze, share stories and get to know each other over that second cup of coffee or tea.

This Is Exactly What I Need!

The Delights

All of our time together will be spent right at Still Waters, so once you arrive there’s nothing to think about except your own unwinding, relaxing and healing. Everything you need for mind, body and spirit will be provided for you!

Starting with a powerful opening circle on Friday evening and ending with a beautiful closing ceremony on Sunday, and in between, your mind, body and spirit will be awakened, engaged and activated!

Each day will have a theme related to healing, awakening and transforming. Everything on that day, from the opening meditation, the teachings, the exercises in group and on your own, music and guided creative expression will revolve around that theme.

Sacred ceremony, sound healing, art, movement, time in nature and guided journaling are just some of the yummy, heart and Soul nourishing activities you’ll experience.

You are always at choice as to what you participate in AND I’ll encourage and support you to step out of your comfort zone, be vulnerable and see how that feels!

This is about transformation, after all!

The Benefits

What you’ll receive…

So what can YOU expect if you spend 2 delightful days in a safe and sacred container learning, sharing, crying (good tears) relaxing, laughing and connecting with yourself and a wonderful group of Soul Sisters in the beautiful energy of Still Waters Pond Retreat Center?

Well, what if you were able to identify and heal your deep core wounding?

How about getting more connected to your spiritual nature and learning to trust your intuition and inner knowing?

And what would it mean to you to be able to feel truly seen, heard, understood and accepted for the perfectly imperfect woman you are? And to create a new vision for yourself and your life!

By The End Of Our Time Together You Will Have…
  • Identified and busted through old, worn out beliefs about yourself that have been holding you back;
  • Decided on your next big thing… that special dream you are ready to bring into existence;
  • Given yourself the gift of “me time” and learned to accept all the wondrous treats the universe has to offer you;
  • Activated, engaged and expanded your senses in a safe and nurturing environment so you can return home with fresh eyes and an enthusiasm you haven’t felt in years;
  • Reveled in the sacredness of making new friends and forming powerful partnerships to help support you to move forward creating the life you TRULY desire and deserve.

Would THAT be worth coming to Still Waters for?

I sure think so!

PLUS you’ll get to pick my brains about everything that I’ve studied, practiced and experienced for the last 30+ years. Trust me, there’s a lot there… the good, the bad and the ugly!

But it’s all great material for living your most authentic, purposeful and passionate life! Hopefully, it will help your journey to be smoother and faster than mine has been!

And Some Extra Goodies…

We’ll connect before the retreat online so you can get to know each other a bit. Then we can continue to follow up after the retreat so that you continue to feel supported and have some accountability to keep moving forward on your unique journey!

** This will guarantee you have all the post-retreat follow-up assistance necessary to make sure you practice what you’ve learned, stay motivated and continue to create your ideal life.

This is a RETREAT, not a workshop, so everything will be planned with that in mind! I promise, even though there will be teaching, there won’t be any boring lectures… and no tests!

You’ll experience inspiring learning segments, time for sharing and practice in group, relaxation and integration time on your own and rituals to help you release what doesn’t support you, tune into your inner guidance, envision your future self and embody all you’ve experienced!

I’ve supported thousands of women through their personal healing journeys. During our time together on retreat, I’ll be fully present for YOU as you move through your personal journey.

** I’ll create a sacred space, safe and judgment free where you can do your healing work, share your fears and your dreams and feel totally supported.

** I believe in modeling transparency, vulnerability, radical honesty and acceptance, so no subject is out of bounds. I know this will allow you to take risks and open yourself to powerful growth opportunities!

I'm ready to heal, awaken & transform my life!

What’s Included

  • Foundational morning sessions packed with inspiring learning, healing exercises and plenty of time for sharing;
  • In-depth afternoon sessions to build upon the morning sessions;
  • Fun and connecting evening events to wrap up the day;
  • Powerful Opening Circle on Friday evening and Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon to create the sacred, safe container of our time together;
  • Plenty of down time to stroll the peaceful grounds, swing in the hammock, engage in conversation with new friends, journal or daydream, as you integrate the deep transformative work;
  • An online pre-retreat Zoom session to introduce you to each other and answer any questions you have and so you can arrive at the retreat feeling comfortable and ready to go!
  • A follow-up group video session to process your experience and help you stay on track once you get back home;
  • Comfortable, rustic style accommodations in the newly renovated main house; double occupancy for 2 nights.
  • Delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared for you daily. Snacks, water and tea available throughout.

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation from your home to Still Waters;
  • Alcoholic beverages. StillWaters is a sober facility so alcohol and recreational drugs are not permitted on the premises;
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

Arrival & Departure

Our retreat kicks off at 5pm on Friday, September 14th. You are welcome to arrive as early as 4pm to settle in and enjoy the peace of Still Waters before we gather in Circle.

We will wrap-up our sacred time together with a closing ceremony on Sunday, September 16th. All retreat participants are expected to stay for the entire retreat through mid-afternoon on Sunday.

This looks amazing!

Your Host

Catherine Ewing

I was born to help women heal, awaken and transform their lives. It’s my greatest passion, my authentic purpose and my absolute joy!

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I believe that everything in my life has brought me to this point…the painful times of loss and transition and the exquisite moments of love and connection and everything in between.

As an early feminist, I marched and fought for women’s rights and worked in the difficult arenas of sexual assault, domestic violence, reproductive rights, union organizing and child sexual abuse. I experienced my own sexual assault at 19.

As a young woman, I lost both of both my parents, my mom at 22 and my dad at 30. I know how it feels to be alone in the world and to have to rely on yourself. I also know the difficulties of growing up with a family member with mental illness.

As a wife and mother, I experienced the ups and downs of infertility. And I experienced the joy of giving birth to three beautiful children. I know very well the joys and challenges of marriage, motherhood and menopause!

Later in life I became a therapist and energy healer and was drawn to a more spiritual path, eventually becoming an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking. That led to leaving my secure, comfortable career to open a healing center.

At 52, I made the difficult choice to leave my marriage, home, children, dogs, community and financial security. What was I thinking!

Truth is, I was following my heart and my inner guidance and doing my best not to let my fears derail me. It was not an easy time and I don’t necessarily recommend it for anyone else!

There were times when I was on the edge, not sure if I was having a great spiritual awakening or a total emotional breakdown. It can a very fine line, I’ve found!

And now here I am, doing what I love and helping other women heal their deepest wounds, awaken to their essential spiritual selves and opening up to who they really came here to be!

Will you allow me to be your guide on this sacred journey?


Any Questions? Reach out and I’ll get back to you right away…

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